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Zinc prices callback, today the downstream procurement

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Summary of the futures market.
lme zinc fell today, morning opened at $2250 / ton, the highest 2253 dollars/tons, the lowest 2225 dollars/tons, domestic closing prices are still falling, near $2230, down 27 today. $50 or 1. 22%.
Shanghai zinc 1609 unilateral fell today, morning market opening in 17330 yuan/ton, prices, the lowest 17095 yuan/ton, the highest opening price, finally closing at 17165 yuan/ton. Holdings is reduced by 1. 90000 to 25. 10000 hands. Volume was 43. 60000, 70000 fewer hands. Spot market overview:

Shanghai trading center (metal extraction solution today The original WuMao colored spot market) On the morning of spot transaction price quote in 17150-0 # zinc 17250 yuan/ton fell 80 points, 1 # is not available recently, zinc price index for 17191. 2, down 80 points. Market liter discount narrowed five - spot zinc Morning, 10 yuan registered brand 0 # 1609 liter discount contract offer near C70, double yan in the c50, ordinary 0 # quote around C70, ordinary 0 # brand is plentiful, 1 # zinc is not available, import zinc sources accounted for about 20%, AZ reported in c80 - C110, Peru c140 quotation. Clinch a deal of zinc prices today, downstream rebound slightly, traders relatively positive. Smelters normal shipment. According to the research results of metal extraction solution center, most traders in the futures market is bullish.
【 Center point 】
domestic fundamentals, demand is still relatively weak, and the supply side, yield no significant decline, but the zinc concentrate, maintain two weak pattern of supply and demand. Today's prices callback, the downstream procurement quantity increased, the downstream continue to prepare inventory. Technically, zinc prices and lme3 month Shanghai main zinc prices callback, Yin line is longer, annexation of Yang line, constitute a reversal signal, observation, tonight because prices hit previous high, cut a reversal signal, short-term price drop probability.
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