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Zinc prices remain high and volatile zinc increased wait-and-see mood

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
【 Abstract 】 Every other week zinc prices performed better than other metals, zinc week 2. 41%, zinc prices remain high, spot zinc recent sharp rise to downstream wait-and-see mood is more strong, the market clinch a deal the overall decline, material is zinc or limited today.

【 Zinc futures market 】 Aaron zn suppression before they are young. Week Aaron zinc from under $1800 / ton level 20 daily average lines, low hit 1736. 5 dollars/tons, three weeks have been low, back to the early shock platform along the $1750 / ton. And a half weeks, after 3 month for resolution on hold at the fed's dovish comments after beauty means tumbled to under 95. Base metal is influenced by the positive support open, zinc short-covering, every breakthrough three average resistance, quickly recovered 1800 dollars/tons, weight up to 1850 dollars/tons, before pointing to high $1860 / ton. As of Thursday, turnover fell 10193 to 37381 hand, holdings plunged 23500 hands to 27. 10000 hand; Shanghai main of zinc from a hat-trick of 13900 yuan/ton, on 20 daily average lines conveniently reach 14595 yuan/ton, after hitting a shock platform along, temporarily be near 14500 yuan/ton. As of Friday, volume down 148. 20000 to 308. 90000 hand, holdings fell 1. 90000 to 34. 70000 hands. Short of positions.

( ) Spot zinc prices today market forecast: zinc prices high and volatile, spot zinc premium remain at around 100 yuan/ton, lower bargain purchase positive, zinc enterprise actively, delivery volume increased slightly, but zinc prices rise too fast increase in the downstream buyers wait-and-see mood, the goods can be suspended, forecast the spot market zinc prices flat today
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