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Zinc prices rose slightly, the downstream light volume

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Summary of the futures market.
rise in lme zinc, today morning opened at $2260 / ton, the highest 2271 dollars/tons, the lowest 2257 dollars/tons, domestic closing price near $2270, up $10 today, or 0. 56%.
Shanghai zinc rise in 1609, today early morning market in 17270 yuan/ton, prices, the lowest 17245 yuan/ton, up to 17400, finally closing at 17370 yuan/ton. Reduce holdings to 10000 140000 hands. Volume 13. 90000 hands. Spot market overview:

Shanghai trading center (metal extraction solution today The original WuMao colored spot market) On the morning of spot transaction price quote in 17310-0 # zinc 17330 yuan/ton rose 120 points, 1 # is not available recently, zinc price index for 17290. 2, up 120 points. Market spot zinc liter discount expand 10 yuan, on the morning of the registered brand of 0 # 1609 liter discount contract offer near C30, double yan in c20, ordinary 0 # quote around C30, AZ reported in c40, ordinary 0 # brand is plentiful, 1 # zinc is not available, import zinc sources accounted for 20%. Today of zinc prices, the downstream more wait-and-see, traders relatively positive. Smelters positive shipment. According to the research results of metal extraction solution center, most traders in the futures market is bullish.
【 Center point 】
today Shanghai zinc zinc ratio in 7 main contract and LME3 month. Spot prices from March 64, the LME zinc price discount $2 spot zinc ingot import price down about 1500 yuan or so, the long-term zinc ingot import price down about 1500 yuan. Today's prices, the downstream procurement volume is relatively small, the downstream continue to call. Technically, zinc prices and lme3 month Shanghai main zinc price is rebounding, prices are expected to rise to the former high near $15500.
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