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Zinc review: backwardation relatively strong today is zinc prices or stabilized

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
【 Abstract 】 Beauty drag down the dollar highs, the poor economic data overnight Aaron zinc continued volatility rose $20, the backwardation is relatively strong, inventory slow decline in social zinc ingots, zinc material today now price stabilization.

【 Of zinc market] Zinc London opened in 2261. 5 dollars/tons, Asian time Aaron zinc dip slightly to intraday lows of 2248. After 5 dollars/tons, along the average daily line sideways; Europe and the United States time refers to by the highs, Aaron zinc focus continued upward touch more than 2284 dollars/tons, after fell slightly to $2275 / ton line, eventually closed at $2282 / ton, up to 20. $5, or 0. 91%, volume 9839, an increase of 333 hand holdings 319242 3197; Night Shanghai zinc main 1612 contracts in 18050 yuan/ton, up to 18070 yuan/ton, the lowest 17885 yuan/ton, eventually closed at 17970 yuan/ton, up 25 yuan, or 0. Decreased 14%, volume 139296, 264312, 217596 an increase of 1012 holdings.

( ) Zinc prices today spot market forecast: B shares tumbled more than 6% yesterday, to a certain extent reflects the market panic, basic metal repair space up limit, night Shanghai zinc main 1612 shock slump, late to recover some losses; Yesterday, the Shanghai 18010-0 # zinc mainstream market price 18060 yuan/ton, the Shanghai zinc contract rises in 120-1611 140 litres, backwardation is relatively strong, spot zinc prices steadied forecast today.

the fundamentals: almaty on October 17, kazakhstan statistical commission, according to data released on Monday, kazakhstan - 1 Refined copper production rose in September 4. 3%, crude steel production increased 10. Slightly increased by 1% 6%, refined zinc production.
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