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Zinc review: early rising too fast lead to weaker zinc callback zinc prices

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
【 Abstract 】 The early stage of the zinc prices rising too fast lead to zinc callback, overnight weaker Aaron zinc fell more than 2. 9%, the global zinc production growing concerns will depress zinc price, short-term zinc prices or difficult to have a good performance, expected this spot zinc prices fall.

【 Of zinc market] London zinc open slightly higher at $2231 / ton, Asian market waiting for the fed's policy-setting meeting, investor sentiment, Aaron zinc focus steady running near a daily average lines; Europe and the United States time Aaron zinc center of gravity down, dropping to $2170 / ton in late on the line, to close at 2166. 5 dollars/ton, down 65. $5 or 2. Increased by 93%, volume 14608, 2349 hand, holdings of 324430 an increase of 1103 hands; Shanghai zinc main 1609 contract opened 16980 yuan/ton, Shanghai zinc lower, opening late at 16770 yuan/ton a line of small shocks, range of up to 17025 yuan/ton, the lowest 16730 yuan/ton, eventually closed at 16770 yuan/ton, down 310 yuan, or 1. Decreased 81%, volume 210146, 211426, position 209458 14350 hands.

( ) Zinc prices today spot market forecast: early because of money driven zinc prices have entered overbought condition, Shanghai callback zinc high shock slump; Zinc and production concerns to heat up, leave investors locking in a profit, short-term zinc prices will be silenced, zinc spot prices forecast today.
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