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Zinc review: overnight rebound in oil prices or boost zinc prices to rise

by:Deyuan      2020-12-25
【 Abstract 】 By crude oil futures rose, London zinc shock stronger closed up $14, short-term zinc supply shortage phenomenon will continue to support of zinc rose, days after the Shanghai zinc or maintain strong, is expected this zinc price now.

【 Of zinc market] London zinc opened lower at $2258 / ton, Asian time Aaron zinc on the center of gravity to the $2275 / ton, near a line afternoon 15:00 zinc slightly higher again; Europe and the United States time Aaron zinc volatility climb higher than the $2288 / ton, late fell slightly to $2280 / ton line consolidation, eventually closed at $2281 / ton, up to 14. $5, or 0. Decreased 64%, volume 6483, 1219, 335200 an increase of 2896 holdings hands; Shanghai zinc main 1610 contracts in 17540 yuan/ton, the opening shock in 17470 - Shanghai zinc Seeketh to 17545 yuan/ton, night Shanghai zinc confined in average daily offline hitting a low of 17440 yuan/ton, eventually closed at 17475 yuan/ton, up to 55 yuan, or 0. Decreased 32%, volume 112048, 166158, position 280156 866 hands.

( ) Zinc prices today spot market forecast: overnight due to boost oil prices rebound, night Shanghai zinc main 1610 high and volatile; July parts of domestic refinery affected by raw material shortage and high temperature and routine maintenance, zinc production fell, zinc supply-side crunch is expected to continue supporting zinc prices strong, spot zinc prices forecast today.
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