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Zinc review: the traditional peak season demand is expected to zinc, did not see zinc prices or to fall

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
【 Abstract 】 In August the core CPI data strong rates make the expectations and Aaron zinc fell 2 during the Mid-Autumn festival. 64%, short-term domestic galvanized demand is flat, days after the Shanghai zinc movements or suppressed, zinc material today now stabilized.

【 Of zinc market] Aaron zinc is down 2 during the Mid-Autumn festival. Zinc 64%, on Wednesday to open in 2235 dollars/tons, plate movement stability, high late rushed back, to close at 2275. $5 dollars/ton, up 44, or 1. 97%; Aaron zinc opened higher on Thursday at $2287 / ton, center of gravity after persistent downward, late eventually closed flat in 2275. $5 / ton; Acquisition of zinc opened last week at $2231 / ton, intraday movements shakeouts, eventually closed at $2217 / ton, down 58. $5 or 2. Increased by 57%, volume 4351, 2714 hand, increased holdings 338738 143931. Shanghai zinc main 1611 because of the Mid-Autumn festival holiday.

( ) Zinc prices today spot market forecast: late on Friday, the us inflation data is very beautiful beautiful beautiful expectations of higher interest rates, the recent domestic demand for refined zinc processing fee and galvanized aspects are stable, did not see a big increase in demand, the current Shanghai zinc disk below support is limited, buyers can see advisable, forecast today's spot price of zinc or slightly decreased.
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