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Zinc review: zinc ingot inventories accelerated falls or booster zinc prices to rise

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
【 Abstract 】 After U. S. oil rise, Aaron zinc vibration bounce back stronger closed up $38, did not change the global zinc supply shortage phenomenon, zinc ingot inventories fell faster, or booster zinc prices stabilising picks up, this is zinc.

【 Of zinc market] Zinc London opened in 2222. 5 dollars/tons, Asian time Aaron zinc stability running at $2225 / ton, near a line interval hit intraday lows 2210 dollars/tons; Boosted by the oil increases, Europe and the United States time zinc rebound to touch more than $2258 / ton, 2254. 5 dollars/tons, 37. $5, or 1. Increased by 69%, volume 11320, 6969 hand, holdings of 341190 an increase of 2452 hands; Night Shanghai zinc main 1611 contracts in 17560 yuan/ton, Shanghai zinc supported on average daily stability, high above the terminal line of up to 17905 yuan/ton, the lowest 17555 yuan/ton, eventually closed at 17890 yuan/ton, up 360 yuan, or 2. Increased by 05%, volume 215248, 1172 hand, increased holdings 270568 4710.

( ) Zinc prices today spot market forecast: international oil prices and the dollar falling, night Shanghai zinc main 1611 rebound higher; The international lead and zinc study group ( ILZSG) According to a report released last Thursday, 1 - this year The global zinc supply shortage in during July, 17. 40000 tons. Early decline in inventory to maintain the current domestic zinc ingots, short-term or will jump-start zinc prices stabilising picks up, zinc spot prices forecast today.
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