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Zinc review: zinc, the traditional season or supporting zinc prices stabilize

by:Deyuan      2020-12-25
【 Abstract 】 Recent bull market will weaken the zinc city, a short back, London zinc pressure fell $7, limited domestic zinc supply still supporting zinc prices, buyers to buy on dips, material is zinc prices go up drop today.

【 Of zinc market] Zinc London opened in 2324. 5 dollars/tons, Asian time Aaron zinc weight fluctuates up and down to $2320 / ton, near a line after the pressure drop; Europe and the United States time Aaron in zinc dip in 2292. 5 dollars/ton, the center of gravity after shock up, late back slightly, closed at $2313 / ton, down 6. $5 or 0. Decreased 28%, volume 10586, 727, 325100 an increase of 3374 holdings hands; Shanghai zinc main 1611 contracts in 18020 yuan/ton, up to 18175 yuan/ton, the lowest 17920 yuan/ton, eventually closed at 18160 yuan/ton, up 20 yuan, or 0. Decreased 11%, volume 205262, 219584, 307308 holdings reduce 978 hands.

( ) Zinc prices today spot market forecast: from a weaker dollar boosted, night Shanghai zinc main 1611 slightly higher; Recent zinc bull signs of profit-taking, a short back, zinc prices then underweight downward, but the basic surface zinc limited supply still supporting zinc prices, zinc traditional peak season comes, purchaser partial buying the dips, forecasts the spot price of zinc today or not.
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