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Zinc steel air conditioning barrier against the Internet forward

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Zinc air conditioning steel guardrail weather resistance is strong, electrostatic spraying process using solid powder high temperature curing process, the performance of the powder is far greater than too coating performance, so the renqiu graceful metal building materials co. , LTD. Production of zinc air conditioning guardrail steel has good resistance to ultraviolet function, won't produce fading under long term sunlight.
zinc steel guardrail air conditioning also has an important performance of tamper, tamper parts installation process, use the tamper accessories and fittings all through the national technical department detection, various performance indexes exceed the technical requirements of the national standard. Zinc steel guardrail air conditioning has rich colors, different colors can meet the personalized needs of designers in rail ornament building, car shell porcelain glaze effect can be achieved, Ren Qiu spraying zinc alloy can also according to you provide color swatches for your processed zinc steel air conditioning guardrail, including imitation wood grain color is ok.
zinc steel guardrail air conditioning from the vision not only give people a lot of temptation, from touch can feel very surface, it makes people feel warm. Zinc air conditioning guardrail steel can realize smooth surface and two feel inferior smooth face effect, also can achieve the same colour is not the same handle, endowed with the characteristics of building more and emotions, let people feeling more striking for buildings.
zinc steel guardrail air conditioning a lot of field applications, mainly used in residential courtyard, factories and mines enterprises, urban road, river Banks, schools, highways, sports facilities, hotels, places of entertainment, can be suitable for different consumer demand, meet the construction needs more personal.
【 Zinc steel air conditioning guardrail 】 Maintain is safe. Our company is specialized in zinc steel air conditioning guardrail products research and development and production for many years, our experience is very rich in this respect. This advanced guardrail products has become the important barrier tool.
the following talk about the advantages of hebei zinc air conditioning steel guardrail.
in the past, the traditional fence products are mostly, wrought iron fence, the fence for a long time under the wind and rain erosion, there will be a rusty phenomenon. And rusty railings again by rain wash, rust can follow the rain down, causing a certain wall pollution will threaten the effect of green plants. Ordinary, wrought iron fence made of cast iron materials, cast, we spot welding operation, easy to fold easy to broken, install difficulty is larger. The durability of this fence far less zinc steel guardrail air conditioning products.
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