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Zinc steel guardrail surface treatment technology

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Zinc steel guardrail surface treatment is a particularly high technological content of production process, the general requirements of zinc steel guardrail surface must be clean, burr, welding slag, and obvious appearance defects such as hammer marks are not can appear. In the welding place should be solid, metal railings and metal, plastic or hard wood armrest and should comply with the design requirements of the standard norms. Different places were different to the requirement of zinc steel guardrail color, zinc steel guardrail can meet the personalized requirements, any designer and car shell porcelain glaze effect or imitation wood grain color.

new zinc steel balcony guardrail combined fence's biggest advantage is that it is convenient on the installation of new zinc steel balcony guardrail modular fences are combined in the construction site just need to go to the installation can be completed construction, zinc steel fence is most preferred construction units in construction of the fence. Construction units in the building materials market will notice the new zinc steel guardrail combined fence so a new kind of building materials. The rise of this kind of building materials in the building materials market, but just a few short years time, but is now the fence larger market scope. In the life of the new zinc steel guardrail modular enclosures, the using life of he is big, the service life of the steel rail on the aesthetic, aesthetic high brightness also ensures that the rail.
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