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Zinc supply shrinks, zinc processing and refining cost by 23% in 2016

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Melbourne March 21 news, according to the metal herald ( MetalBulletin) Report, Canada's teck resources inc. ( TeckResources) And commodities trading giant glencore will 2016 zinc process refining fee for $188 per tonne, down 23% year on year, because of the zinc supply shrinks.

2015 zinc refined processing fee is $245 per ton. Decline this year shows insufficient zinc output, these are supportive of zinc prices, smelter will be at a relatively low cost to the processing of zinc concentrate less and less.

mining companies pay to smelting processing and refining fee ( TCs) To concentrate processing into refined metal. When supply increases, the processing and refining cost rise, mining companies need for smelting to processing and concentrate.

zinc supply has been reduced, such as Australian Century, Irish Lisheen large zinc production, no big new zinc production.

” Zinc processing and refining fee to fall further, future will continue to reflect the market supply zinc concentrate increasingly tense situation, it also makes people believe that zinc prices will therefore improve, & throughout; Citigroup said in a report.

London metal exchange ( LME) Of zinc on Monday rose to 1859 per ton. Only $50, early march low hit five months of 50 cents. Zinc prices have risen more than 13% this year, fell 26% last year.
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