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Zinc zinc review: the weak data phase pressure drop

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
【 Abstract 】 After China announced on July economic data is less than expected, acquisition of zinc $42 lower tail fell last week, U. S. retail sales rose in July accident zero growth, market sidelines, today is zinc prices fall.

【 Of zinc market] Acquisition of zinc open slightly higher last week at $2279 / ton, Asian time Aaron zinc smooth running in a line below $2275 / ton, the afternoon 16:00 zinc center of gravity down continuously; Europe and the United States time Aaron zinc at slightly higher after back to intraday lows 2229 dollars/tons, late recover some losses, eventually closed at $2237 / ton, down 41. $5 or 1. 82%, volume 12169, an increase of 4241 hand holdings 331094 1489; Shanghai zinc main 1610 contracts in 17355 yuan/ton, opened slightly shocks in 17385 yuan/ton, near a line confined in average daily offline 23:00 at night began to lower, the highest 17440 yuan/ton, the lowest 17155 yuan/ton, eventually closed at 17195 yuan/ton, down 360 yuan, or 2. Decreased 05%, volume 194542, 103398, position 278104 19836 hands.

( ) Zinc prices today spot market forecasts, dragged down by China's economic data is less than expected in July, Shanghai zinc main 1610 pressure fall at night; Retail sales rose in July accident zero growth, macro negative zinc prices, domestic downstream vendors wait-and-see sentiment strong, days after the Shanghai zinc or maintain shakeouts, zinc spot prices is expected today.
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