DZ5640 copper solvent extractant introduction

DZ5640 copper solvent extractant introduction

Copper solvent extractant DZ5640 is a type of solvent used in the extraction of copper from copper-bearing ores or concentrates. It is often used in the mining and metallurgical industry.

The specifications for copper solvent extractant DZ5640 can vary depending on the manufacturer, but some typical specifications include:

– Appearance: Amber to dark brown liquid
– Density: 0.980-1.000 g/cm³
– Flash point: >70°C (158°F)
– Copper selectivity: >99%
– Acidity (as HCl): <0.25%

These specifications may be adjusted based on the specific application and requirements of the user.

Copper solvent extractant DZ5640 is typically used in the solvent extraction process of copper from copper-bearing materials. The following is a general process for using copper solvent extractant DZ5640:

1. Leaching: The copper-bearing material is leached with a suitable solution to dissolve the copper minerals and create a solution of copper-bearing ions.

2. Extraction: The leach solution is mixed with a solvent containing copper solvent extractant DZ5640. The extractant selectively binds with the copper ions to form a copper extract in the solvent phase.

3. Stripping: The copper extract is then separated from the remaining aqueous phase, and the copper is stripped from the extract using a suitable stripping agent. The stripped solvent is then recycled to be used in the extraction step.

4. Electrowinning: The copper-rich stripping solution is fed to an electrowinning cell to plate the copper onto an electrode.

The specific conditions for the extraction and stripping steps may vary depending on the specific application, such as the feed composition, extraction temperature, organic-to-aqueous ratio, and stripping reagents. It is recommended to consult the product manual or a specialist for the optimal conditions.

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