DY984N Copper Extractant – Revolutionizing the Copper Industry in Iran

DY984N Copper Extractant – Revolutionizing the Copper Industry in Iran

As a leading manufacturer of copper extraction agents, we are excited to introduce Iranian companies to our innovative product – the DY984N Copper extractant. This advanced formula helps extract copper from low-grade ores in a cost-effective and eco-friendly manner.

With Iran holding the world’s largest reserves of copper ore, our product can be a game-changer for the local mining industry. By improving copper recovery rates, the DY984N copper extractant can help Iranian companies maximize profits. Its non-toxic nature also makes it ideal for sustainable mining practices.

How DY984N Benefits Iranian Copper Companies

Increases Copper Recovery Rates

Our patented formula achieves copper recovery rates up to 99.95%. This means significantly higher yields and profits from the same deposits.

Lowers Operating Costs

The DY984N performs at a wide pH range and requires smaller quantities compared to standard reagents. This lowers your chemical costs. Higher copper yields also mean saving on time and energy invested in mining.

Simplifies Operations

This extractor works fast and provides quick phase separation. This eliminates the need for multiple extraction steps, simplifying your workflows. It also maintains performance in Iran’s varied ore mineralogy.

Eco-Friendly Extraction

Using biodegradable components, the DY984N extractor minimizes environmental impact. Its low toxicity makes it safe for workers while meeting Iran’s regulations on ethical mining practices.

Ideal for both heap leaching and agitation tank processes, this versatile formula is what your business needs to meet production targets and environmental standards.

Our Experience in the Iranian Market

Having aided multiple copper producers globally for over a decade, we understand the unique needs of the Iranian mining sector. Our technical team has hands-on experience optimizing the DY984N formula over various Iranian copper mineralizations.

We also have an efficient Iran-based supply chain to ensure timely delivery at competitive prices even after factoring in import duties. As stakeholders in Iran’s sustainable growth, we go beyond just sales to help you maximize and stabilize returns on copper assets.

Let us Help You Extract Your Full Potential

As leading Iranian copper companies look to balance production needs with eco-compliance, our DY984N Copper extractant is the cost-effective, green solution. Connect with us today to evaluate product samples across your different project sites.

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