DZ973N Copper solvent extraction reagent

DZ973N Copper solvent extraction reagent

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DZ973N is compound Aldoxime and Ketoxime solvent extraction reagent, not only has good extraction ability, but also has good stripping extraction ability, can avoid third phase happened, and raise the copper’s net transfer capacity.
DZ973N Copper solvent extraction reagent is applicable to high content copper ore, because the aldoxime content is higher, the extraction ability will be more strong.
Refer below picture, you can understand the working principle of our copper extractant:
CAS No.: 50849-47-3 & CAS: 59344-62-6

Please refer below performance table, the copper net transfer will be 2.7 g/L.

Appearance Brown oil liquid
Density (25°C) 0.91-0.93
Flash temperature ≥80°C
Copper saturation capacity 10% (V/V) 5.5-5.8 g/L Cu
Extraction kinetics ≥96% (30s)
Isothermal point of extraction ≥4.7 g/L Cu
Phase separating time of extraction ≤70s
Strip extraction kinetics ≥92% (30s)
Isothermal point of strip extraction ≤2.0 g/L Cu
Phase separating time of strip extraction ≤80s
Net transfer amount of copper 2.7 g/L Cu
Cu/Fe selectivity ≥2300
Compound copper extraction reagent of Ketoxime and Aldoxime can be used alone or mixed with LIX984N, LIX973N, M5640, M5774, CP-150 and N902 in any ratio.

You can free to add our reagent to your using reagent in any ratio.

In practice, to produce one metric ton cathode copper, the consumption of Aldoxime will more than 10kg, but Compound Aldoxime & Ketoxime (DZ973N) will less than 5kg. The consumption of Compound Aldoxime and Ketoxime reagent will less than single Aldoxime 3-6kg.

Please click here to view the operation video: to understand how to do the laboratory test.

How to make sure our reagent is workable in your plant:
Do above laboratory separately to compare the extraction ability, phase separation time and situation with your using reagent; Take your using organic phase, mix with our organic (V/V, 1:1), then do above laboratory test to check the extraction ability, phase separation situation, and confirm whether it has untoward effect.

If above tests all be normal, it means that both reagents can be mixed to use together.

Please check our engineer designed copper extraction plant. This is most economical small plant, the producing capacity is 3 tons copper cathode daily. We can do the turnkey project, if you need it, please feel free to ask us.

Copper ore crushing:
Copper ion leaching:
Copper extraction and Reserve extraction:
Bottom is pure copper ion:
Get pure copper ion:
Electrolysis process:
Get pure copper cathode: