DY366 Scandium extractant

DY366 Scandium extractant

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DY366 Scandium extractant is used for the separation and purification of scandium. It is a chelating agent that forms stable complexes with scandium ions, allowing for efficient extraction from the aqueous phase.

DY366 Scandium extractant
DY366 Scandium extractant

DY366 Scandium extractant belongs to the family of organophosphorus compounds and is specifically designed for scandium extraction. It has a high affinity for scandium ions and selectively binds to them, allowing for the separation of scandium from other metal ions present in the solution.
The extraction process using DY366 typically involves mixing the extractant with the aqueous solution containing scandium ions. The scandium ions form complexes with DY366, which are then selectively extracted into an organic solvent phase. The organic phase can be separated from the aqueous phase, and the scandium can be further purified through various processes.
DY366 Scandium extractant has several advantages as an extractant for scandium. It has a high selectivity for scandium ions, which ensures efficient separation from other metal ions. It also has good stability and can be used in a wide range of pH conditions. Additionally, DY366 is relatively easy to handle and can be easily regenerated for reuse.
Overall, DY366 Scandium extractant is a reliable extractant for the extraction and purification of scandium, offering high selectivity and efficiency in the separation process.

Appearance Yellow viscous liquid
Specific gravity (25 ° C) 0.90-0.92
Flash point (closed cup) >70℃
Nickel saturation capacity (15% V/V) ≥5.2-5.5g/l
Extraction phase separation time ≤150s
Reverse extraction phase separation time ≤100s

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