DZ272 Nickel Cobalt extractant for low content laterite-nickel ore

DZ272 Nickel Cobalt extractant for low content laterite-nickel ore

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DZ272 nickel cobalt extractant is same as C-272 extractant, can extract low content nickel cobalt ion from laterite ore etc, can reduce the extraction steps, and save the investment cost.

The active component of DZ272 extractant is bis(2,4,4-trimethylpentyl)phosphinic acid, the content of our DZ272 is 93.23%, it is more than 85% too much, the performance is better than others 272.

Chemical name: Bis-(2,4,4-Trimethylpentyl)-Phosphinic Acid

CAS No.: 83411-71-6

EINECS No.: 280-445-7

Chemical structure formula:

Formula: C16H35O2P

Mol. wt.: 290.42

Performance characteristics:




Colorless oil liquid


Light aromatic



Density (25°C)

0.91-0.925 g/ml3

Viscosity (25°C)

<142 cP (154 mm2/s)

Viscosity (50°C)

<37 cP (40 mm2/s)

Thermal ability


Flash point


Boiling point


Freezing point


Phosphorus content


Solubility Slightly soluble in water, soluble in alkaline water and most organic solvents
Water solubility (pH=2.6)


Water content


DZ-272 is applied to high content Ni-Co solution, also does not has extraction ability for calcium (Ca), can re-extract iron on the condition of low content sulfuric acid.

DZ-272 can be dissolved with fat diluent and aromatic diluent each other, and the stability is good, water-soluble ability is low.
DZ-272 can extract Ni-Co in the system of sulfuric acid and chloride, also can extract rare earth elements of gallium (Ga), molybdenum (Mo), germanium (Ge), thulium (Tm), ytterbium (Yb), lutetium (Lu) etc.

1. The effective component of DZ-272 can over 90%, has good extraction ability, high selectivity, low water-soluble ability, easy to be stripped.
2. The extraction step of DZ-272 is less, can save a lot of investment on equipment and hand work, will save a lot of cost.
3. The price of DZ-272 is lower than competitor very much.

Colorless or near colorless liquid, light fruity, faintly acid, nontoxic, there is not corrosion property for most steel plastic container.

DZ272 can be worked long time in the appropriate conditions of pH value and temperature, the physical and chemical properties are stably, does not find out obvious phenomenon of be hydrolysis or extraction selectivity is reduced etc.

Loss of dissolution:
We tested the loss of dissolution of DZ272 in aqueous phase conditions of different pH value and aqueous salt concentration, the solubility in aqueous phase is proportional to the pH value, but is inversely proportional to the concentration of aqueous salt, this is same as normal acidic extractant, and the loss of dissolution is less, the dissolution is same as other commercial extractant.

Package and storage:
200 kg plastic barrel of 1000L IBC tank. The product must be airtight and stored in dry and cool place, can’t be stored with alkali products together.