Process flow and design for producing battery grade nickel sulfate based on MHP raw materials

Process flow and design for producing battery grade nickel sulfate based on MHP raw materials

Process flow and design of producing battery grade nickel sulfate based on MHP raw material. This process uses a P204 extraction line, without the removal of calcium and magnesium, can produce qualified nickel sulfate solution, and reduce the cost by 50%. Through reasonable site layout, optimization of equipment selection and production debugging measures, qualified battery grade nickel sulfate and cobalt sulfate crystals can be successfully produced, with high economic benefits.

1. Process flow and equipment selection:
The process adopts simple process flow, only one P204 extraction line can produce qualified nickel sulfate solution. The specific process is as follows:
MHP (nickel-cobalt phosphate mixture) → leaching → clarification → extraction → nickel hydroxide precipitation → filtration → electrodeposition → preparation of nickel sulfate crystals

In equipment selection, it is necessary to consider the compatibility, quality, durability and other factors to ensure the normal operation of the whole system. The required equipment includes leaching tank, clarifying tank, extraction tank, filter, electrodeposition tank, etc.

2. Site layout and production debugging:
Reasonable site layout can improve production efficiency and reduce production costs. In this process, the centralized layout is adopted, and the production workshop, warehouse, office and other functional zones are set together to facilitate production and management.

Production debugging is an important link to ensure smooth production. In this process, equipment needs to be adjusted and optimized to achieve better production efficiency and product quality. At the same time, also need to develop a sound production plan and quality control system, to ensure the production progress and product quality stability.

3. Investment and benefits:
According to the production efficiency of this process, the equipment investment is about 30 million yuan. At the same time, according to the domestic market price, the price of nickel (nickel sulfate crystal products) per ton is about 12,000 yuan. So, at that price, an investment of $30 million would yield about 1,000 to 1,500 tons of nickel a year. Compared with the traditional process, this process can reduce the cost by 50% and has better economic benefits.

In conclusion, the process design of producing battery grade nickel sulfate based on MHP raw materials has certain technical difficulties, which requires scientific planning in the aspects of process flow, equipment selection, site layout and production debugging. If it can be carefully implemented, the technology will have considerable economic benefits and market competitiveness.

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