Design nickel solvent extraction plant for laterite nickel ore and so on

Design nickel solvent extraction plant for laterite nickel ore and so on

We can help customer to design nickel cobalt solvent extraction plant, Our design process uses MHP as raw material to produce battery grade nickel sulfate, no need to remove calcium and magnesium process, only a P204 extraction line can produce a qualified nickel sulfate solution, the cost will be saved 50% than traditional processes. Including process flow, equipment selection, site layout, production debugging to produce qualified battery grade nickel sulfate and cobalt sulfate crystals. In China, the equipment investment will be around 30 million CNY, the capacity of metal nickel will be 1000-1500 tons annually, the cost of metal nickel (nickel sulfate crystal product) is about 12000 CNY/T.

The sample of ore as below:

First, use D2EHPA to remove impurities;
Second, use DZ272 extractant to do the extraction process. Saponification of 45% at a temperature of around 50 ° C. According to the metal ion content of the feed liquid, configure an appropriate extractant concentration with a range of 10% -25%, and control the saponification temperature between 40 ° C-50 ° C. Then, mix and extract with the feed liquid, clarify and wash, reverse extract and regenerate with a suitable ratio, and repeatedly recycle.
Please communicate in detail with the technical personnel for the specific operation steps.

DZ-272 is applied to high content Ni-Co solution, also does not has extraction ability for calcium (Ca), can re-extract iron on the condition of low content sulfuric acid.

DZ-272 can be dissolved with fat diluent and aromatic diluent each other, and the stability is good, water-soluble ability is low.

DZ-272 can extract Ni-Co in the system of sulfuric acid and chloride, also can extract rare earth elements of gallium (Ga), molybdenum (Mo), germanium (Ge), thulium (Tm), ytterbium (Yb), lutetium (Lu) etc.


  1. The effective component of DZ-272 can over 90%, has good extraction ability, high selectivity, low water-soluble ability, easy to be stripped.
  2. The extraction step of DZ-272 is less, can save a lot of investment on equipment and hand work, will save much more cost.
  3. The price of DZ-272 is lower than competitor very much.

We special to focus on R&D metal extraction reagents, our major products as below:

  1. DZ988N/DZ973N/DZ902 copper solvent extraction reagent.
  2. DZ272 Nickel, cobalt, manganese, and magnesium separation extractant.
  3. DY319 high efficiency nickel cobalt co extraction extractant.
  4. DY377 efficient nickel and diamond separation extractant.
  5. DY366 new advanced nickel cobalt extractant.
  6. P204 (D2EHPA or HDEHP) extractant.
  7. DY301, DY302 for nuclear spent fuel recovery.
  8. Other extraction reagents for Vanadium extractant, Lithium extractant, Ferro extractant and rare earth extractant.