How to get C10100 cathode copper production

How to get C10100 cathode copper production

Electrolytic copper is a high-purity and high-quality copper material that has extensive applications in industrial production, electronic technology, aerospace, and other fields. A customer has requested that C10100 with a purity of no less than 99.99% be used as a copper rod. How to obtain high-purity and high-quality electrolytic copper is an important issue. In response to the situation where China Nonferrous Metals has achieved 99.999% of electrolytic copper in Mongolia, our engineers suggest that Zambia’s field can also meet this target.

Firstly, in order to obtain high-purity electrolytic copper, especially to achieve a purity level of 99.999%, a series of process measures must be taken. One important measure is to use purified water for electrolysis. Due to the high content of chlorine in the water and ore around Mongolia, it can lead to a higher content of impurities in the electrolysis process. The use of purified water can effectively reduce the impurity content and improve the purity of copper. At the same time, efficient extraction techniques are also needed to separate copper and other metal elements, avoiding the mixing of impurities and improving the purity of copper.

Secondly, high-purity and high-quality electrolytic copper can be improved through secondary processing to better meet specific needs. The method of secondary processing is remelting and deep processing. By melting copper plates and making them into new copper materials, the purity and thickness of copper can be improved, making it easier for customers to process and use. At the same time, deep processing can also help further improve the purity and quality of copper.

In addition, in the production process of electrolytic copper plates, it is also necessary to consider the thickness and specifications of the plates. In general, the thickness of electrolytic copper plate is 1cm to 1.2cm, and the weight is around 70-80 kilograms. If larger or thicker electrolytic copper plates need to be produced, secondary processing may be required.

In summary, obtaining high-purity and high-quality electrolytic copper requires the use of efficient extraction technology and purified water, as well as appropriate secondary processing methods to improve the purity and quality of copper. During the production process, it is also necessary to pay attention to the thickness and specifications of the board to meet different needs.

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