DZ5640 copper extractant

DZ5640 copper extractant

Copper solvent extraction is an essential process used in the copper mining and processing industry. The extraction of copper from copper-containing ores and solutions requires a well-designed and efficient copper extractant. DZ988N, DZ973N, and DZ902 are examples of copper extractants that are widely used in the industry due to their high selectivity towards copper.

DZ988N, DZ973N, and DZ902 belong to the class of organic compounds known as hydroxyoximes, which have shown excellent results in the extraction of copper from various sources. These extractants have been used in copper mining and processing operations for many years, and their performance and efficacy are well-established.

The use of DZ988N, DZ973N, and DZ902 has allowed the mining industry to recover copper more efficiently and cost-effectively. These extractants have been specially designed to selectively bind with copper ions in the aqueous phase, while leaving impurities such as iron and nickel behind. Using these extractants results in a high-purity final product, with cathode copper purity levels of over 99.99%.

Moreover, these copper extractants have also shown improved efficiency when compared to traditional copper extractants such as DZ88 and DZ902. The use of DZ988N, DZ973N, and DZ902 has resulted in lower extractant consumption, reduced energy consumption, and higher copper recovery rates.

In conclusion, DZ988N, DZ973N, and DZ902 are efficient and selective copper extractants that have revolutionized the copper mining and processing industry. Their high selectivity towards copper, combined with their improved efficiency, has enabled mining companies to recover copper from ores and solutions more efficiently and cost-effectively. The use of these extractants has also led to high-purity final products, with cathode copper purity levels surpassing 99.99%. The mining industry continues to explore the potential of copper extractants and develop new, innovative extractants for use in copper solvent extraction processes.

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