Peru D2EHPA extractant

Peru D2EHPA extractant

Peru D2EHPA extractant, also known as diisoctyl acid phosphate, is a chemical compound widely used in the field of solvent extraction. It is a member of the organophosphate family and is primarily used for the separation and purification of metals, particularly rare earth elements and uranium, from their ores.

Peru D2EHPA extractant
Peru D2EHPA extractant
Di-(2-ethylhexyl)phosphoric acid  (DEHPA or HDEHP)
CAS: (298-07-7)27215-10-7
EINECS: 206-056-4
Chemical formula: C16H35O4P
Molar mass: 322.43 g/mol
Density: 0.972 g/ml
Melting point: -50°C
Boiling point: 393°C
Content: 95.64%

D2EHPA is a clear, colorless liquid with a slight odor. It has a molecular formula of C16H35O4P and a molecular weight of 322.43 g/mol. The compound has a high boiling point of around 393°C, making it suitable for industrial applications that require high-temperature processing.

One of the key properties of Peru D2EHPA extractant is its high affinity for metal ions. When dissolved in an organic solvent, such as kerosene or toluene, D2EHPA forms a complex with metal ions present in the aqueous phase. This complex is then extracted into the organic phase, allowing for the separation of the desired metal from impurities.

In the case of rare earth elements, which are essential for various high-tech applications including electronics, magnets, and catalysts, D2EHPA has proven to be an effective extractant. It has a strong affinity for rare earth ions, allowing for their selective extraction and subsequent purification. This makes D2EHPA a valuable tool in the production of rare earth metals, which are in high demand in industries worldwide.
Similarly, Peru D2EHPA extractant is widely used in the extraction of uranium from its ores. Uranium is a vital component in nuclear power generation and nuclear weapons production. The ability of D2EHPA to selectively extract uranium from other metals present in the ore helps in the efficient and cost-effective production of this valuable element.

Additionally, Peru D2EHPA extractant has other industrial applications. It is used in the purification of copper, cobalt, nickel, and various other metals. The compound also finds applications in the recovery of precious metals such as gold and silver from their ores.

Peru D2EHPA extractant is available in various grades and concentrations to suit different industrial requirements. It is typically supplied in drums or intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) for ease of handling and storage.

In conclusion, Peru D2EHPA extractant is a versatile and effective chemical compound used in the field of solvent extraction. With its high affinity for metal ions, it has become an indispensable tool in the separation and purification of metals, particularly rare earth elements and uranium. Its widespread applications in various industries make it a valuable asset in the global mining and metal processing sectors.

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