Introduce some metal extraction reagents

Introduce some metal extraction reagents

Metal extraction is a vital process that plays a significant role in the industrial sector. The ever-increasing demand for metals leaves companies looking for innovative ways to extract and refine them efficiently and cost-effectively. Enter our featured company, a specialist in the development of metal extraction reagents.

Our company boasts a range of high-quality products designed to extract different metals from various ores and solutions. We understand the importance of efficiency, selectivity, and stability in the metal extraction process and have developed reagents that offer precisely that.

One of our most popular products is the copper solvent extraction reagent. Capable of efficiently extracting copper from other metals and impurities, this reagent is highly compatible with the organic phase, making it incredibly user-friendly.

We also offer the DY319 high-efficiency nickel cobalt co-extraction extractant, which is specifically designed to extract nickel and cobalt together. This product has a perfect balance of selectivity, efficiency and offers a high recovery rate, ensuring maximum results for companies that use it.

Another valuable product is the DY377 efficient nickel and diamond separation extractant. This reagent is an excellent option for companies that need to separate nickel and diamond as it boasts great stability and solubility, making it an ideal cost-effective solution.

Our company is continually innovating new and advanced technology to improve the metal extraction industry. We have recently developed DY366, a new and advanced nickel-cobalt extractant. This reagent offers higher extraction efficiency and selectivity compared with existing reagents. It’s also environmentally conscious, making it an ideal solution for the modern world.

In addition to the above products, we also specialize in a range of extraction reagents for other metals such as vanadium, lithium, and rare earth metals. Our solutions have been designed to offer high efficiency, selectivity, and sustainability, ensuring maximum benefits for our clients.

In conclusion, our company is dedicated to meeting the needs of the metal extraction industry by developing high-quality reagents that offer the necessary efficiency, selectivity, and stability. With our products, we aim to make the process of extracting metals as efficient and cost-effective as possible. Choose us and let’s help your company extract metals with ease!

We special to focus on R&D metal extraction reagents, our major products as below:

  1. DZ988N/DZ973N/DZ902 copper solvent extraction reagent.
  2. DZ272 Nickel, cobalt, manganese, and magnesium separation extractant.
  3. DY319 high efficiency nickel cobalt co extraction extractant.
  4. DY377 efficient nickel and diamond separation extractant.
  5. DY366 new advanced nickel cobalt extractant.
  6. P204 (D2EHPA or HDEHP) extractant.
  7. DY301, DY302 for nuclear spent fuel recovery.
  8. Other extraction reagents for Vanadium extractant, Lithium extractant, Ferro extractant and rare earth extractant.