DZ984N copper extractant

DZ984N copper extractant

DZ984N can be used alone or mixed with LIX984N, LIX973N, M5640, M5774, CP-150 and N902 in any ratio. You can free to add our reagent to your using reagent in any ratio.
In practice, to produce one metric ton cathode copper, the consumption of Aldoxime will more than 10kg, but the consumption of Compound Aldoxime & Ketoxime (DZ984N) will less than 5kg. It means that the consumption of Compound Aldoxime and Ketoxime reagent will less than single Aldoxime 3-6kg.

DZ984N is a copper solvent extraction reagent used in the mining industry to extract copper from low-grade copper ores. It is a type of hydroxyoxime-based extractant that is selective for copper ions in acidic solutions. The reagent is used in a process called solvent extraction, which involves dissolving the copper from the ore into an organic solution.

DZ984N is known for its high copper selectivity, meaning it has a high affinity for copper ions and can effectively separate copper from other metals present in the ore. It is also known for its high copper loading capacity, which means it can hold a significant amount of copper in the organic solution.

The use of DZ984N in copper solvent extraction has become widespread in the mining industry due to its efficiency and selectivity, as well as its ability to operate at a relatively low pH, which reduces the need for additional chemical additives.

Item DZ988N
Appearance Brown oil liquid
Density (25°C) 0.91-0.93
Flash temperature ≥80°C
Copper saturation capacity 10% (V/V) 5.3-5.6 g/L Cu
Extraction kinetics ≥92% (30s)
Isothermal point of extraction ≥4.4 g/L Cu
Phase separating time of extraction ≤70s
Strip extraction kinetics ≥95% (30s)
Isothermal point of strip extraction ≤1.8 g/L Cu
Phase separating time of strip extraction ≤80s
Net transfer amount of copper 2.7 g/L Cu
Cu/Fe selectivity ≥2000

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